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Night Fable

FutureCycle Press, 2018
ISBN: 978-1942371519

"Seth Jani’s Night Fable is a verdant dreamscape, an exquisite journey through 'the strange dark of almost waking.' Guided by birdsong, the rhythms of water, and the phases of the moon, here are beginnings and border spaces. Jani’s work invites readers to pass through doorways: to darkness and light, to the broken and the whole, to the strange and the familiar which 'straddle the forgetful banks of sleep and small thinking.''" 

-Hayley Mitchell Haugen, 
Sheila-Na-Gig online

"Seth Jani’s Night Fable urges us to embrace both the luminous nature of our current world and accept its unknowable corners. Skirting the borders of waking and sleeping, the subjects in the poems are compelled by the beauty of the natural world—birds, butterflies, and stars abound—and ready to take flight into the half-light of what comes next. These poems are evocative and deeply comforting. In Jani’s rich lyricism, there’s a lure towards the glimmering light, to the secrets of the moon, and like moths, we can’t help but be drawn in to his vision."

-Christine Butterworth-McDermott,
author of Woods & Water, Wolves & Women 

"Seth Jani’s new book Night Fable is aptly named. It is a collection of 70 short poems that settle in the mind like a night of strange and peaceful dreams. The poems all stand alone, but they are linked by dreams, and filled with the lucid musings, startling imagery, and unsettling metaphors, familiar to each of us in our dreaming lives. This is a must-read book, a gift to our waking selves from Jani’s sleeping self. To quote a poem from the work itself, 'Declension Music,' 'in this place, the heart proves / to be made of plurals,' and the plurality and music of Jani’s Night Fable is where the poems offer both insights and inner peace.


  -Michael Hathaway, Chiron Review

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