Seth Jani

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Travel Advertisement
(First Published in Writers Bloc, Rutgers University, 2010) 

Walking through the cosmos

Tonight at 11 p.m.

We’ll strap stars to our sneakers,

Tenderly acquaint

The awkward joints of our bodies

With dustless angel arms

And lift-off, clearheaded,

Into the night.

The road we take may seem familiar.

The dead walk it daily

And it runs through your dreams

Dotting that intricate country

With sure signs of travel.

The same road you wandered as a child,

Standing on its special surface

Lost but not alone.

Tonight we’ll follow it through the layers

Of the world,

You and I and the treacherous dark

Dancing beyond boundaries,

Cradled in the heart of planets,

Rushing past blazing clusters,

Following the crystal footprints of creation

Back to that bright beginning

From which we all once traveled

Before we ever knew directions

Or the purpose of goodbyes.