Seth Jani

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In The House Magisterial
Limited Edition Chapbook
Finishing Line Press, 2018

Limited edition chapbook edition forthcoming in early 2018. Pre-order your copy from Finishing Line Press between September 12th and November 10th 2017.


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Questions from the Interior
Full-Length Collection
Seven CirclePress, 2014

"Seth Jani invites us to listen for the ambient voices and crickets cavorting in our lawns, to understand that we would become beautifully unknown one day, to look starwards and open our doors to the elements - the wheat around you - and soak them up. Questions from the Interior is a commendable collection that itself needs to be soaked up, each line pleading with you to become aware that you are just a shack of 'bones in a tapestry of light, gases and stars.'" 

 -Ajay Vishwanathan, Foundling Review

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Let Us Rejoice: Poems 2003-2009
Full-Length Collection
Seven CirclePress, 2010

“An honest work of losing faith and finding it again over time”
-Up The Staircase Literary Review